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Agro-Production Environmental Enginieering

The goals and objectives of the Environmental System Engineering are to contribute to the improvement of agricultural production and to make affluent rural society by utilizing and conserving natural environment in rural areas with the creation of new technologies. This field deals with a wide range of subjects related to land, water, and atmosphere in rural areas, and researches are being conducted to keep agricultural land sustainable in a huge ecological system.

Laboratory Professor Assosiate
Irrigation and Water Management Yoshiyuki SHINOGI Tomoyuki Taniguchi
Water Environment Engineering Kazuaki HIRAMATSU Masayoshi HARADA Toshinori TABATA
Environmental Soil Engineering Takahiro HIGASHI Akiko NAKANO
Soil Science Syuntaro HIRADATE Yuki MORI
Agricultural Meteorology Masaharu KITANO Daisuke YASUTAKE

Bioproduction System Engineering

The goals and objectives of the Bioproduction System Science are to develop the high productivity and the high quality of agricultural products by mechanizing and equipping the whole process from the farm work to the distribution and consumption of products. Therefore, the technologies for development of high productivity by the improvement of the energy powers, the farm machinery and the cultivation systems with the information science and for the processing, the storage, the distribution with the information technologies for the efficient utilization of agricultural products are studied.

Laboratory Professor Assosiate
Bioproduction Engineering Eiji INOUE Takashi OKAYASU
Yasumaru HIRAI
Postharvest Science Fumihiko TANAKA


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